Welcome to the Bochum Music School

The music school is a place of diversity, which is why we’re giving you a description of the music school and what it offers in english.

Here is a summary of the courses on offer and the most important for enrolling at the music school. You can also translate the whole website to english using the [Sprache] icon on the homepage.

A music school for everyone
Bochum is large and diverse – just like the programme the music school hast o offer.
The music school can be found in many places: the city centre, in numerous districts, Kindergartens and schools.
Qualified teachers offer lessons that cater for all ages and different interests.
The content is tailored to the needs of our diverse urban society.
The programme is constantly evolving: flexible teaching formats and projects, as well as digital services and courses are being expanded.

A registration form must be completed to attend lessons at the music school. Almost all courses are subject to a charge, but reductions are possible.

If you have any questions, you can find all contacts here: „Kontakt

The music school look forward to seeing you!

Offers for children aged 6 months to 6 years

Music-Mice and Music-Gnomes
For children aged 6 months to 4 years accompanied by an adult.
The children experience music together with an adult. They discover notes and sounds and learn songs. The accompanying adult will get a wealth of tips on how to make music with their child.
Frequency: once a week
Start: in March and October
Cost: 24 euro per month. Reduction possible. More information and registration under „Musikmäuse“ or „Musikwichtel„.

First Music Education
For children aged 4 to 6 years
In First Music Education, children discover how music can sound in all its diversity. They become musically active themselves through singing, dancing and playing music in a group. The lessons also prepare the children for instrument tuition.
Frequency: Once a week
Start: after the summer holidays
Cost: 29 euro per month. Reduction possible. More information and registration under “Musikalische Früherziehung”.

Music in Kindergarten
The music school offers on-site lessons in cooperation with many Kindergartens. In these courses, the music school teachers work closely with Kindergartens educators. In some Kindergartens the parents have to pay a small fee, in others participation is free of charge.
Frequency: Once a week
Start: after the summer holidays
Cost: free of charge or 27 euro per month. Reduction possible. You will find the participating Kindergartens, further information and registration forms under „Kita & Musikschule“ or “EMU – Musik in der Kita”.

Offers for all ages

The “JeKits” programme, which stands for „An instrument, dancing or singing for every child“, takes place in Bochum’s primary schools. Schools can choose between a focus on learning instruments or singing.

In the first year of school, all primary school children learn important musical basics together.
Frequency: once a week with the whole class
Start: after the summer holidays
Costs free of charge

From year 2 to year 4, children can learn to play a music instrument in groups at primary schools specialised in instruments. In addition, the children play together in an orchestra. The instruments are provided to the children free of charge.
In primary schools that specialise in singing, the choir is the main focus from year 2 onwards.
Frequency: 1-2 times a week
Start: after the summer holidays
Cost: 26 euro per month for learning an instrument, 6.50 euro for the choir. Reduction possible.
More information and registration under „JeKits„.

Instrument and singing lessons
Accordion or trombone, baglama or violin, piano, oud, oboe and much more – the music school offers tuition for a wide range of instruments. For those who like to sing, vocal tution is also on offer.
Tuition is possible at any age and in many forms.
Whether one-on-one, in pairs or in groups – the music school provides the optimal form of instruction on its own premises. Lessons that have begun in schoolclasses can also be continued at the music school.
For those who do not want lessons every week, the FlexiCard offers complete freedom.

Frequency: Once a week, or by appointment with FlexiCard.
Start: at least 4 times a year
Cost: the cost varies depending on the form of instruction. Reduction possible. For children and young people aged up to 25 years, the cost ranges from 34-92 euro. Above that age an adult surcharge is due. More information and registration under „Instrumente und Gesang„.

Cooperation with secondary schools
In some secondary schools, the music school offers instrument tuition as part of school lessons. In string or wind classes, students learn to play an instrument and how to play together in large groups.

Frequency: 1-2 times a week
Start: after the summer holidays or on 1st February
Cost: 22 euro per month, 34 euro for small groups. Reduction possible. More information and registration under „Kooperationen ab Klasse 5„.

Digital music
Making music on smartphones, tablets or computers is now a matter of course. The basics are taught in various beginner courses. The music lab provides a means for everone to also explore music production tools.
New courses usually start after the summer holidays, a course fee is due.
More information under „Digitale Musik„.

The Bochum model: music for people with disabilities
Music for people with disabilities is part of the music school’s standard program. People can learn to play a music instrument with us or play in a band – there are many ways to be musically active.
Many of these offers are provided in cooperation with other facilities and organisations.

Frequency: 1-2 times a week
Start: at least 4 times a year Cost: 24 euro per month for instrument lessons, 11 euro for the band. Reduction possible.

More information under „Bochumer Modell„.

Experience music in a diverse community

Ensembles, bands and choirs
Playing an instrument or singing alone is a wonderful thing, but it is even more fun when done with others. For this reason the music school offers over 150 ensembles with the aim of making music together.
With an instrument or voice, everyone will find something to suit them whether it be in the children’s choir, string orchestra, intercultural ensemble, wind orchestra, band, and many other ensembles. All ensembles of the music school regularly perform at music school concerts and at other public events.

Frequency: once a week
Start: anytime
Cost: free for pupils enrolled in instrumental or vocal lessons at the music school, 11 to 14 euro per month for other ensemble members. Reduction possible.

More information under „Gemeinsam musizieren„.

Instrument hire
Instrument lessons are only possible if instruments are also available to practice on regularly. At the music school you can hire an instrument (including instruments in children’s size) when you are enrolled für lessons.

More information under „Instrumente mieten„.

Registration is required to participate in music school lessons. Registration forms should be completed electronically on the website if possible. You can also pick up a form at any of the district music schools.

More information under „Anmeldeformulare„.

There is usually a fee to attend music school lessons, which varies greatly depending on the form of instruction.
For the exact tuition costs, please refer to the „Entgeltordnung„.
Recipients of various social welfare benefits can get a social reduction of 50-100%. In addition, a sibling reduction of 20-50% is possible when more than one child attends. „Ermäßigungen„.
You are also welcome to contact us directly by email, telephone or just drop by. We can then tell you exactly how much your tuition would cost. You will find contacts and opening hours here: „Kontakt„.

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